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                          ctext.cpp  -  QSSTV
    begin                : Tue Apr 17 22:27:58 CEST 2001
    copyright            : (C) 2001 by Johan Maes ON1MH
    email                : on1mh@pandora.be

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *
#include "ctext.h"

const char * addCWText="If selected, the callsign will be send in CW at"
" the end of the transmission";
const char * autoEraseText = "Erase the old image before receiving a new one";
const char * autosaveText="When this button is checked, images will"
" automatically be saved to the rximage directory (see Options->Configure),"
" without user intervention";
const char * bannerText="Add banner as indicated in the"
" configuration file";
const char *baseText="Main window for receiving pictures";
const char * browserText="Browse the received image folder. You can"
" delete and rename files, and see an image preview";
const char * browserTxText="Browse the transmit image folder. You can"
" delete and rename files, and see an image preview";
const char *cwText="Just send the text you entered in the configuration file\n";
const char * dxText = "This function will disable the automatic resync and\n"
"top of image when receiving noisy signals";
const char * editText = "Edit the image displayed in the window";
const char * eraseText = "Erase the image in this window";
const char * fileOpenText = "Click this button to open a new file.\n\n"
"You can also select the Open command from the File menu.";
const char * fileSaveText = "Click this button to save the file you are "
"editing.  You will be prompted for a file name.\n\n"
"You can also select the Save command from the File menu.";
const char * filePrintText = "Print the image currently displayed\n"
"You can also select the Print command from the File menu.";
const char *posText="Defines the position of the loaded image,when\n the image is"
" smaller or larger than the canvas";
const char *postfilterText="The postfilter is applied after demodulation.\n"
"A very narrow filter will blur the image, while rejecting most of the noise.";
const char *progressText="Indicates the progress of the transmission";
const char *repeaterText="Enable repeater mode\n"
"When an image is received, it will be retransmitted";
const char *replayText="Inserts the last received picture, so you can quickly"
" send a replay";
const char * resyncText = "Resynchronize, whithout restart";
const char * selectBannerText="Select one of the banners defined in the\n"
" configuration file";
const char * selectFilterText="Select one of the available filters.\n"
"You can also select a filter on the fly while receiving";
const char * sendText="Start sending the image in the current"
"window. Banner and timestamp will be added if selected";
const char * sensitivityText="Select synchronisation sensitivity.\n"
"Low, Medium or High. High sensitivity can sometimes cause "
"false triggering or the incorrect mode selection";
const char *specText="Spectrum of the received signal\n"
"You can use this to tune your receiver to the correct "
"frequency, align the lower peak with the red line\n"
"You have also markers every 100 Hz from 1500 to 2300 Hz";
const char *sstvfaxText="Select SSTV or FAX mode.\n"
"Windows and options will be automatically adapted.";
const char * startText = "Start receiving images.";
const char * stopText = "Stop receiving images.";
const char * stopTxText= "Stop transmitting";
const char *syncText="This gives you the synchronization pulse position."
" The raising edge should stay correctly aligned with the red marker."
" This is also a good indicator for the receive quality";
const char * timestampText="Add timestamp to the image";
const char *toneText="Send 1750Hz tone for 2.5 seconds. "
"This is normally used to open repeaters";
const char * topText = "Start drawing from the top";
const char *txmodeText="Selects the transmission mode";
const char *txText="Main window for transmitting pictures";
const char *visText="If you check this box, image reception"
" will start after detecting the VIS CODE. This code is sent"
" at the beginning of an image to indicate what mode is to be used.";
const char *volumeText="This is the audio volume indicator."
" A good setting is around 50%."
" Check the recording source of your soundmixer, it should be"
" set to Line, not Microphone. With most soundcards, the recording"
" level has no influence";
const char * voxText = "Add an additional delay before sending the image.\n"
"This allows the use of a VOX circuit";
const char * zoomText = "Get a zoomed image in a new window.\n"
" Transmission and reception are not interrupted";

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