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rxtxCommon Class Reference

#include <rxtxcommon.h>

Inherited by sstvRX [private], and sstvTX [private].

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Detailed Description

Johan Maes

Definition at line 33 of file rxtxcommon.h.

Public Member Functions

void calculateTiming ()

Protected Member Functions

void initAllCounters ()
void sendToDebugger ()

Protected Attributes

double bpTime
debugger * deb
bool dumpActive
double f1Time
double f2Time
double f3Time
double f4Time
double f5Time
enum efaxState faxState
double fpTime
double hsTime
unsigned long imageSampleCounter
short int isample
unsigned short int lineCounter
unsigned int linePixelCounter
double lineTime
double p6Time
double p7Time
double p8Time
int pcounter
unsigned int pixelCounter
unsigned int pixelsPerLine
float sample
unsigned long sampleCounter
float sampleSum
double startTime
enum eTxRxState state
unsigned long stateSampleCounter
double time1PerPixel
double time2PerPixel
QTimer * timer
unsigned int * videoBuffer0
unsigned int * videoBuffer1
unsigned int visBits
unsigned int visCode

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